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Give Jack Ears


Jack Robertson was born on 24th May 2014. He was born with a congenital ear condition called Bilateral (both ears) Microtia Atresia, a condition which effects the formation of the outer ear and the development of the ear canal. This condition causes a permanent conductive hearing loss. Amazingly Jack’s inner ears have formed and his cochlears function perfectly, however without his hearing device he hears like we hear if we put our fingers in our canals.


Jack’s condition is very rare. It has been shown that it effects children bilaterally 1 in 100,000 babies.


For Jack to have outer ear reconstructive surgery and possible ear canal surgery to potentially restore natural hearing, the best surgeons in this field are in the United States. The surgery is not covered by insurance in Australia. The cost is approximately $90,000 per ear. ($180,000 for 2 ears.)


The crucial time of learning and development of speech and language is birth to 5 years. Therefore it is vital that Jack has the best hearing device available. These devices are called BAHA ( Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) where it is possible to hear through sound vibrations on your skull (bone) which are delivered to the cochlear so Jack can hear like we do through bone conduction. These devices are $6,500 AUD each ($13,000 for 2.)


Since learning all this Ben and Amy set up a charity known as “Give Jack Ears,” and have been working hard to raise the funds necessary for the surgery. Everything from quiz nights to a full formal dress cabaret has helped them to achieve over half of the funds they need. The Robertson’s came to us through the friendship of Roselee Bruce(Willmott) and Amy. Tea Tree Gully Lodge was delighted to help. Should you wish to know more please go to, I’m sure they will be grateful for any assistance.

The Worshipful Master of Tea Tree Gully Lodge No.218 VWBro. Dick Thornton presenting a cheque for $5,000, in association with The Masonic Foundation, to Ben and Amy Robertson to assist in their fundraising efforts to enable their son,2 year old Jack, to have surgery to give him ears.

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