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Purchase of Defibrillator

Presentation St. Francis Xavier Regional Catholic School Out of School Hours Care Program

The St. Francis Xavier Regional Catholic School is a private sector school that is reliant on fund raising to gain additional assets for the school community. The School also provides before and after school care to the school community and the Wynn Vale Kindergarten including Vacation Care Services during school holidays.

Tea Tree Gully Lodge No.218 was approached by the Director of the St. Francis Xavier Out of School Care Program to assist with the funding to purchase a portable Defibrillator to use within the Before and After School Program that would be suitable for both a child and adult.

As part of the registration of the program all staff working with children must be current in CPR and re certified annually. It has been recommended that the program have a Defibrillator by CPR Training Provider, as the program currently has children with medical conditions which include, one child with a pace maker, students suffering from epilepsy, asthma and extreme food allergies all of which are life threatening conditions.

With a Defibrillator within the program will provide confidence and peace of mind for parents and OSHC staff in the event of incident. The unit best suited would be applicable for older children and adults with paediatric pack for children under 8 years old.

On the 12th May 2016 a cheque for $2,700.00 was presented to the Director of the Out of School Hours Care, Mrs Gail Wilkey by the Secretary of Tea Tree Gully Lodge in the presents of the Lodge Care Officer – WBro. David Plant, the School Principal – Mrs Leonie De Garis, Business Manager – Charmaine Aistrope and approximately 80 children enrolled into the afternoon program.

Mrs Wilkey explained to the children and those gathered why OHSC Program required a Defibrillator and thanked the Tea Tree Gully Lodge No.218, all the Brethren of the Lodge and the Freemasons Foundation for their very kind and appreciated donation that will assist the whole school community.

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