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Donation to Royal Society of the Blind (RSB) – Dog Services


Tea Tree Gully Lodge No.218 on the 19th December 2018 donated $800.00 to the RSB Guide and Assistance Dog Services.


The Secretary – Bro. Roger Wilkey and the Care Officer – WBro. David Plant presented the cheque to Janine, Simon and Kelly of RSB.















David and I were given the opportunity to see and handle the latest litter of pups which are now 6 weeks old and to date have not yet been named, the pups were all asleep and exhausted from doing promotional work in the morning.


They will all be allocated to puppy educators in the new year (2018) and spend the next 12 months in their care.















Janine with 6week old puppy


RSB – Dog Services currently have 12 dogs in training for clients that are blind, as it can be appreciated not all dogs are suited to guiding the blind, those that don’t make it can be trained as Operation K9 dogs for veterans that have been diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), join the Australian Border Control or be trained as an Assistance Dog for a child who has Autism.


The current litter of puppies may have a varied career ahead of them, however whatever roll they are best suited they will be fulfilling a crucial role within the community.


Tea Tree Gully Lodge No.218 would also sincerely thank the Freemasons Foundation for their valued assistance in making this donation possible.

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