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South Australia Constitution

As a result of a meeting of 6 brethren in September 1972 led to the decision for the need to create a lodge in the Tea Tree Gully area.

On Monday 28th of May 1973, the Ceremonies of Constitution and Consecration of the Lodge and the Installation of the first Worshipful Master – WBro. L. A. Wright P.M. and Investiture of Officers in the Tea Tree Gully Institute, 33-35 Walters Street Tea Tree Gully.

The Ceremony of Consecration was conducted by the Grand Master MWBro. The Hon. Mr Justice Zelling C.B.E and the Ceremony of Installation conducted by the Deputy Grand Master RWBro. M. B. Allan assisted by Grand Lodge Officers, with 250 brethren attending the ceremony at the Tea Tree Gully Institute.

Lodge furniture was donated to the newly formed Lodge by the Parkside Lodge and in addition WBro. C. Hauschild built the Master's and Warden's pedestals and other Tea Tree Gully members donated furniture and equipment.

Membership very quickly grew to 110 brethren and the Lodge were aspiring to have their own lodge premises. In the early part of the 80's the Lodge had developed a substantial Social Club and had worked extremely hard in raising money not only charity but to fund their own Lodge Room.

In 1984 Tea Tree Gully Lodge No. 218 was giving serious consideration to the purchase of land on which to build a Lodge Room, this was strongly supported by the brethren.

1985 saw a proposal from the Masonic Memorial Homes Trust to Tea Tree Gully Lodge No. 218 to incorporate a Lodge Room within the Community Centre at Ridgehaven which is still the home of the Lodge to this day. As part of this proposal a contribution of $5,000.00 to the cost of the pavement in the Lodge Room was made to Masonic Homes.

According to the Minute Book the last regular meeting No.161 of Tea Tree Gully Lodge at the Tea Tree Gully Institute was held on the 25th August 1986. Regular Meeting No.162 was held at the Ridgehaven Masonic Complex on the 22nd September 1986.

The design and building of the Lodge Room is a credit to Masonic Homes and over the years has been shown to visiting brethren with pride.

The 25th Anniversary of Tea Tree Gully Lodge No. 218 was celebrated on the 23rd May 1998 with the Installation of WBro David Kitching as Worshipful Master for the masonic year 1998 / 1999, followed by a Dinner / Dance.

Following is the 25th Anniversary Summons and Installation Flier.


The Lodge of St. George amalgamation with Tea Tree Gully Lodge – April 2000

History of Amalgamation

Original letter to all Brethren of Lodge St George


Following the emergency meeting of the four lodges who meet at the Ridgehaven Complex. It was made quite clear that three of the lodges who meet there, i.e. the Lodge of St. George, Ridgehaven Lodge and Eastern Hills Lodge were facing a bleak and short future for both Ridgehaven and Eastern Hills Lodges. Although both having reasonable but ageing membership are having problems filling office positions and most important no brother prepared to go on as Master.

Our lodge problem is we have a membership of only 19 members and financially this means that we would have to increase annual subscriptions by approximately $40.00 per. Member to cover ever increasing costs. In addition, at this stage there is no brother prepared to go on as Master, also due to low numbers if any officer is absent for any reason we do not have members to stand in that office.

At the meeting various suggestions were made by Peter Symons (the Grand Lodge Representative) to help resolve the problems.

1.       Ridgehaven, Eastern Hills and St. George amalgamate. This means at least two lodges will lose their warrants.

2.       Form a daytime lodge, once again two lodges will lose their warrants as it could only be formed by members of the three lodges.

3.       Form a dining lodge, after the style of "Norwood Lodge" which meets six times a year. With costs of $200.00 plus.

After the meeting ten members of this lodge held their own meeting, where we discussed the above alternatives. But for various reasons did not receive much support. However the feeling of approaching "Tea Tree Gully Lodge" appeared to have some merit with a number of the brethren. Especially as there was the possibility of keeping the name this lodge semi active. A steering committee was proposed at that meeting, of three members from this lodge (. i.e. The Worshipful Master, the Secretary and the Treasurer) and for them to make an approach to Tea Tree Gully Lodge with our proposals.

After verbal contact with officers of Tea Tree Gully Lodge. A letter (copy on the reverse side) was sent to their secretary detailing certain arrangements requested by us. Regarding the Warrant, Membership and finances.

This letter was put to the executive committee at their last meeting, and at which the members of our steering committee were invited to attend. Unfortunately the Worshipful Master and the Secretary were unable to attend.

WBro. Hibbert was then invited by WBro. Lewis to accompany him to the meeting. The letter from this lodge was read out and discussed, and which was favourably received by the Executive. WBro. Lewis and WBro. Hibbert were then invited to attend the open meeting of Tea Tree Gully Lodge, where the proposals in the letter from our lodge were put to all members, again this was favourable received and at this stage they did not envisage any problems arising.

WBro. Lewis will be submitting a proposition this evening. "That the Lodge of St. George consolidate with Tea Tree Gully Lodge." for the following reasons;

  • It will keep the majority of the current members together

  • The locality will be the same

  • But most important of all the name of the "Lodge of St. George" will remain active.


The full annual subscriptions of every brother of this lodge would be paid for on joining another lodge (of their choice) provided that he is a fully paid up member at the time of transferring.


As part of Tea Tree Gully Lodge No.218 activities is to raise funds on behalf of numerous charities within South Australia and Australia. Until recent times brethren held a "Sausage Sizzle" at Golden Grove. Over a period of some 10years the lodge raised in excess of $40,000, averaging approximately $1,700 per year which was distributed over the years to organisations such as, but limited to;

Make a Wish, Cranial Facial, Red Cross, Cystic Fibrosis, Ronald McDonald House, Cancer Research, Queen Elizabeth Kidney Research, Masonic Foundation, various Bushfire Appeals, Minda Inc., Flying Doctor Service, and Movember.

Specific Projects: Wynn Vale Primary School – to assist with the purchase of The ELF Programme (Early Literacy Foundations), The Reading Doctor and Multilit (Reading Tutor Program), materials that is specifically designed for children with Autism, Aspergers, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and English as a Second Language, Behavioural Problems, Slow Learners, Hearing Disabilities and Cerebral Palsy.

Royal Society for the Blind to assist with the construction of an outside "Free Run for pups and guide dogs in training.

Josh Rogers "Up Suit" - $2,000.00

Tea Tree Gully Lodge No. 218 acknowledges with thanks the Freemasons Foundation for their help and financial assistance.


Twinning Lodge – Lodge of Light No.11 - Kapunda

Extracts of the first 100 years


The Lodge of Light No.11 is one of the oldest formed lodges in South Australia. The original warrant of the Lodge of Light No. 11 Irish Constitution which is still in their possession. It was issued on the 14th December 1860, however it was registered on the 14th September 1860 and between that date and the 12th October 1883, 165 members were registered in Grand Lodge records as having joined the lodge.


In 1884 the Lodge joined the Grand Lodge of South Australia and was reconstituted Lodge of Light No.11, South Australian Constitution


All of the early meetings of the Lodge of Light appear to have been held at the Sir John Franklin Hotel until 1880 the Lodge moved to the Kapunda Institute until 1901 and then to the North Kapunda Hotel and remained the meeting place until the Lodge moved to its own Masonic Hall in 1914.

On the 30th September 1914 the foundation stone of the Masonic Hall was laid on a block of land purchased by the Lodge for £37 in Beck Street with the total cost of construction £650. 13th May 1914 saw the Masonic Hall dedicated. The Foundation stone bears the following inscription.

Masonic Temple.

Lodge of Light No.11 S.A.C.

This stone was laid by

RWBro F. E. Cornish D.G.M.

January 30th, A.L.5914, A.D. 1914.

It is worth noting that the building contractor of the Masonic Hall Mr O.E.B. Kunoth of Freeling was the first member to be initiated in the new building.

In addition the Lodge of Light have sponsored the partitions for the Barossa Lodge No. 49 which was consecrated on the 9thNovember 1906, and the Eudunda Lodge No. 85 which was consecrated on the 29th November 1918.

The closing paragraph of the booklet that was produced in celebration of the first 100 years is still relevant to all lodges today.

​"May the G.A.O.T.U. aid us in our endeavours to continue with the great work which was accomplished by the foundation members of our Lodge, and by those who have guided its destinies in the years that followed."

Ridgehaven Masonic Complex Lodge Room

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